What is Part Load removals UK?

Biggles Removals have a national infrastructure with large trucks that have the capacity to carry multiple households and loads to any destination in England, Wales & Scotland UK. We have pooled our resources to offer efficiency and better pricing for all our customers that need small to large households removals. Each truck can accommodate approximately 3 large 4 bedroom houses but 90 % of our customers loads are half or smaller than the average-sized 4 bedroom household. 

Part Load Removals is a great way for our clients to move their goods nationally across England & UK using our coordinative part load moving company network. With Part load moving, you can benefit from drastically reduced fees that are shared by multiple clients using available space on a truck that is already headed for your target destination. Part loading our removal trucks is cost-effective and an efficient National Removals UK long-distance furniture removal service. 

The Benefits of Part Load Moving Service 

Part Load Moving Service is a great way to save money while ensuring that you work with a professional focused long distance furniture removal team covering all corners of England & UK - Our main routes include Moving between England, Wales , Scotland & Ireland . We cover all county's and cities in between these routes as well.

Huge Savings on Removal Costs for Long Distance Moving Service,
We have two trucks traveling between each province every week
Part Load Removals is very safe as we  compartmentalize  each client, 
Each shared load is carefully packed, secured, protected and managed on the truck to ensure all your goods arrive safely   
Our full spectrum of moving services and packaging options are available so that all your goods are protected, secured + managed using our blankets, packaging and packing options 
A full inventory is written up upon collection   

Negatives of a Part Load Removal Company Service 

The cost savings is significant and worth the effort but this service does require a comprehensive coordinative effort in order to collect and deliver multiple loads. The truck is large and faces many challenges like traffic and accessibility issues whilst going to multiple addresses to collect and deliver our client's furniture. Clients are asked for a little more flexibility and patience when it comes to scheduling requirements when moving their furniture between regions and provinces.

Slightly longer turn around time due to multi collections
Collection - The truck takes 2 to 3 days to collect all the loads from various cities & towns 7 counties in the counties  (from between 2 to 15 clients)
Traveling Time between counties can take a few days depending on the route - If you are moving between England , Wales & Scotland then traveling time can take anything from 2 days to 7 days depending if there are offloads on route.
Offloading - It will take another +- 2 to 3 days to offload all our clients 


 Scheduling is dependent on the multiple addresses, we would like our trucks to spend as little time possible in the traffic and we also schedule the part loads according to areas. We don't want to load in Dorset then London then have to go back to Dorset before leaving for Manchester. 
Scheduling is coordinated to avoid rush hour traffic times  
Flexibility from our clients is required to accommodate the schedule, variations can happen
​The risk of large trucks running into traffic delays and loading/offloading accessibility challenges are more. Complexes and cities are one of our biggest challenges and that's why we ask our clients to please detail the accessibility at both addresses so we can understand our time challenges for more accurate scheduling  
There is an Increased turnaround time by a few days due to multi collection and delivery addresses involved which does make it difficult to schedule in advance.  


  • Household Removal Company Services
  • Mini Removal Services (Small Moves to Single Items)
  • Office Removals 
  • Packing Services
  • Protective Wrapping
  • Storage  
  • Furniture Placement 

Regional Removal Company Services in England Include:

South England Removal Services

North England Removal Services

West England Removal Services

East England removal Services

London Removal Company Services

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Organising house moves can be a stressful enough process, but at least it’s fairly straightforward if you are moving an entire house or flat. In that case, you can generally get a local company around to assess how much furniture you have, estimate how many packing boxes will be needed to hold all your other belongings, and provide you with a quote for the job.

Things get slightly trickier when you’re either moving a single room on its own or perhaps need to get a small amount of furniture into or out of storage. These sorts of removals are actually far more common than full house moves, as students move in and out of halls several times a year, house-sharing becomes ever more popular and people are getting more and more used to using storage facilities between moves.

Even though demand for these so-called part load removals is high, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a company willing to carry out part load transport at a reasonable rate. This is because it often involves driving a half-empty van up and down the country to carry out the job if you don’t have enough items to fill up their vehicle completely. This constitutes an opportunity-cost for the transport provider, and they will often pass that cost on to you, charging you the full rate even if you only have a part-load.

The chances are, even if you find a transport company offering part load delivery, you will have to wait a rather long time before they can either pick up or deliver your items, because they will be waiting to group your part-load with other consignments in order to undertake the journey with a full van.

Especially if you’re planning a delivery or move to somewhere a little out of the way, it could take quite a while for the company you’ve chosen to find another consignment along the same route.

Luckily, there is an alternative to phoning several companies and hope you strike lucky in finding one that already has your specific route planned with just enough space left for your stuff.

Shiply allows you to list your part load delivery online in order to get several quotes back from transport companies who already have a similar route planned. Thousands of transport providers are registered on Shiply, so your chances of finding a match at a great price are high. Not only that, but it also saves you the hassle of phoning around lots of companies to get several quotes.

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England National Removals UK have area-specific removal teams across the United Kingdom that are allocated to your area. Cost efficient Long-distance Furniture Moving Services with a weekly schedule across The United Kingdom including England, Wales & Scotland are provided.