What to Do When Moving Home with Octopus Energy

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Greener energy. Moving in or out. And how to go about switching. Here’s how to manage moving home with Octopus Energy

14 March 2021

Easy ways to notify. All contact numbers. And ensuring you use green energy. Our team has compiled an easy step-by-step guide to manage moving home with Octopus Energy as your existing or potential future energy supplier. 

Now, just as important as picking a good removal company, it’s always best to notify your energy supplier before you move – see the full guide to moving house energy supplier. Whether you want to keep them or switch, Octopus Energy has two separate routes when moving home, based on whether you’re moving out or moving in. Here’s how both works:

moving home octopus energy, moving, home, octopus energy, energy, customer service, contact number, moving home contact number, moving out, moving in, online, keep, switch, change name on account, exit fee, leaving, switching, Is there an exit fee for leaving octopus energy, What happens to my energy supplier when I move house, How do I switch energy providers when moving house, Is it easy to switch to octopus energy

1. Moving OUT of a house supplied by Octopus Energy

If you’re currently with Octopus Energy, you’ll need to notify them that you’re moving home, and then decide whether you want them to supply your new home or not. Either way, they ask kindly that you notify them at 17 days before you move – although they’ll still gladly help you if you tell them a bit later (just note that a late notification could mean an extra bill from the current energy supplier in the new property).

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Notify Octopus Energy Online

Login to your account via their website, and head over to their moving dashboard. Here, you’ll be asked for information like the date you’re moving out of your current home, and the date you’re moving into your new one. You can also supply your new address. And there’s even a space to capture the closing meter readings at your old home and add the opening reading of your new one.

Step 2: Decide if you want to keep them supplying your new home

What’s nice about Octopus Energy is that, if you keep them on to supply your new home, they keep your current tariff and the debit amount the same as before for a while, until you have a good idea of your new home’s energy consumption levels. And then you can negotiate a new tariff. They even send you an energy consumption report for both homes – to help you decide.

Step 3: If you decide not to keep Octopus Energy

When leaving Octopus Energy, you just send them an email at hello@octopus.energy and confirm the date you’re moving out and your closing meter readings. You’ll get your final bill 7–10 days after moving out. 

Is there an exit fee for leaving Octopus Energy?

This is the only part they’re not 100% clear about. Their Ts&Cs don’t specifically state whether there’s an exit fee for leaving, but some energy companies can charge a cancellation fee if you cancel when there are more than 49 days to the end of your contract. So maybe just check with them via email at hello@octopus.energy or phone: 0808 164 1088 when moving home with Octopus Energy.

2. Moving IN to a house supplied by Octopus Energy

When moving in, Octopus Energy will contact you to make you aware of how the whole process works. But here’s a rough idea:

Step 1: Decide if you’re going to use Octopus Energy or your current supplier

It might be convenient to just switch over in your new home (in which case, see Step 2!). But you do have the right to take your current energy supplier with you, in which case you’ll have to notify them and ask them to supply your new home.

Step 2: If going with Octopus Energy, use their move-in system

Now, as soon as they know you’re removing into a home they supply, Octopus Energy will send you an occupier’s letter with a unique pin that you can use to set yourself up on their online moving in dashboard. At first, you’ll be on their flexible tariff, which gives you good rates on 100% renewable energy. Then, depending on your usage, you will be able to negotiate a tariff that works for you.

Step 3: What if you don’t receive a letter with a setup code/pin?

Another way to get yourself set up in a new home with Octopus Energy is to email their customer service at hello@octopus.energy, supplying your name, move-in date and meter readings at the new home, and they’ll help get you set up.

Additional info

What’s the Octopus Energy moving home contact number?

You can call their customer service at 0808 164 1088, Monday to Friday.

What happens to my energy supplier when I move house?

You have to decide whether you’re keeping your current supplier at your new home, or switching to a new supplier. Hint: it might be a good time to compare rates & see how “green” they are.

How do I switch energy providers when moving house?

It’s always easier to go to the new energy supplier you’re switching to and asking them to help you switch when moving home – they will want you as a customer, so they’ll put in extra effort to make the switch as smooth as possible for you.

Is it easy to switch to Octopus Energy when moving home?

Very much so. Just check out their website, email hello@octopus.energy or phone their customer service 0808 164 1088.

PLUS: See how to switch more energy suppliers

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